5.00 pm – 9.00 pm


Pata Negra

Iberian black foot ham – matured for 30 months
with Danish Vesterhavs cheese and French dressing
95 DKK / 12 EUR


served with garlic, onion, white wine, thyme and butter
89 DKK / 11 EUR

Seared tuna

in sesameseeds, on a creamy lemon sauce topped with eggs
85 DKK / 11 EUR


with in a lovely creamy asparagus puree
85 DKK / 11 EUR

Caviar of Kalix

a Swedish caviar served with toast bread creme fraiche and red onion
95 DKK / 12 EUR

Main courses

Rib Eye steak

200g Rib Eye served with fried potato wedges, baked vegetables, cherry tomatoes fried in garlic oil, wild nuts – served with Bearnaise or redwine sauce
219 DKK / 29 EUR


Rack of Lamb, with salsa, mashed potatoes,cherry tomatoes fried in garlic oil, and a thyme sauce
215 DKK / 28 EUR


Grilled salmon served with white radish, celery, fennekel, carrots, thyme, chives, lemon, baby potatoes and red pepper sauce
215 DKK / 28 EUR

Confit de Canard

Confit duck served on mashed potatoes, vegetables and sherry sauce
205 DKK / 27 EUR

Grill Mix

Grillmix – for 2 persons
2 x 120 g rib eye, 2 x 120 g pork fillet, 1 x chicken breast, 50 g grilled Chorizo ​​Sausage, 100 g of lamb, cherry tomatoes fried in garlic oil, fried potato wedges, red wine sauce and bearnaise sauce
510 DKK / 68 EUR (for 2 persons)


Cheese plate, with 3 kinds of cheese, Brie, Marquis, and blue Castello, served with jam and nuts
Bread and butter
79 DKK / 10,50 EUR

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
85 DKK / 11 EUR

Lemon cake served with vanilla and lemon creme
79 DKK / 10,50 EUR

Apple pie baked in cinnamon and marzipan, served with whipped creme and syrup
79 DKK / 10,50 EUR

Strawberry dream with fresh strawberries and creme
79 DKK / 10,50 EUR