A party at Restaurant Fyrtøjet

Or for tour groups in Nyhavn

Weddings, communions, christenings, birthday, anniversary or another special occasions? We are ready to give you and your guests a fantastic experience!

At Restaurant Fyrtøjet you will find the most beautiful setting for your party right in Nyhavn! Whenever it is time in your family for a wedding, communion, christening, birthday, anniversary or some other special day in your life, we are ready to give you the perfect experience.


Minimum 15 pax

11.30 am – 4.pm

Menu # 1

Lunch Menu # 2

3 kinds of herring

with rye bread, onion and capers


Chicken breast w/ bone

With potato and ratatouille


Apple pie

195 DKK pr. person

Menu # 3


Minimum 15 pax

5 pm – 9 pm


Evening Menu # 1

Pata Negra

Matured Spanish black foot ham
with Parmesan cheese, spring onion, sun dried tomatoes and French dressing


Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon served with baby potatoes, vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, grilled lemon.

with  red pepper sauce


Chocolate cake

with Mango sorbet and rhubarb


315 DKK / 42 EUR pr. person


Evening Menu # 2

Grill Mix

2 x 120 g rib eye, 2 x 120 g pork fillet, 1 x chicken breast, 50 g grilled Chorizo ​​Sausage, 100 g of lamb, grilled pepper fruit, pickeld onions, sun dried tomatoes, potato wedges. Red wine sauce and bearnaise sauce


creme brulee

265 DKK /  35 EUR



You can also make your own menu from our evening card, for prices please contact us.

We have rooms seating up to 35, 60 or 75 people (depending on the facilities used) and you have to shape your event, both with food, table settings and whatever whishes you may have for the party – we will do everything so you will be satisfied.

We recommend that you come for a meeting with us – you will be presented to our facilities – and our Booking manager and or chef will give you a professional restaurant tour and inform you of the options for your party.

Please provide us with a little information and tell us which arrangement your are planning (wedding, tour, communion, christening, birthday, anniversary …) – how many adults, how many children and if there is anything, we must take into account for example. with ingredients in the food. Ex. if any allergy, lactose intolerance or diabetes with one or more of your guests, then you can make the preparations for this, so everyone is happy and enjoys the party.

Contact us to know more about what we can do for you on your special day and not least which exciting menus we can offer – it is our goal to make our guests happy!

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests in our beautiful restaurant in the middle of Nyhavn.

We have (as the only restaurant in Nyhavn) disability friendly facilities, if there is anyone in the company who need it – read more here>