5.00 pm – 9.00 pm


Creamy Lobster soup

105 DKK / 14 EUR



Risotto with pumpkin puree

85 DKK/ 11 EUR


Pata Negra

Spanish Black foot ham served with, French dressing, sun dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese

95 DKK/ 12 EUR

Main courses

Rib Eye

200g Rib eye steak served with baked vegetables, grilled peber fruit, potato wedges, red wine sauce

215 DKK / 29 EUR

Grilled salmon

Salmon with baked vegetables, baby potatoes and red pepper sauce

205 DKK / 27 EUR


 Lamb shank

Lamb with mashed potato, baked vegetables, with red wine sauce, Truffle sauce or, thyme jus

209 DKK/ 27 EUR

Duck breast

Pan fried Duck breast served with sweet mashed potato, grilled peberfruit, pickled onions and

Truffle or Red wine sauce

215 DKK / 28 EUR

Grill Mix

Min. 2 pers

2x Rib eye steak, 2x Pork fillet, small pieces of lamb, chicken breast, grilled chorizo

grilled pepper fruit, sun dried tomato, pickled onion, red wine and béarnaise sauce

Served with potato wedges

265 DKK pr. Person/ 35 EUR pr. Person


Veggie burgers with mash potato, baked vegetables grilled, pepperfruit and red peppersauce

135 DKK / 18 EUR



Apple cake

Apple pie with whipped cream and strawberry syrup

 10 EUR

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with mango sorbet

85 DKK /11 EUR

Creme brulee

 Frensh custard with caramelized top

75 DKK/ 10 EUR